Julian Tuwim

Ms. Sara Zarrow asked (in volume 15, number 33): "Do any Mendelyaners know
if Tuwim translated his own work into Yiddish." As far as I know he
didn't, and it was myself who translated into Yiddish the poem

I never heard that Julian Tuwim was ideologically opposed to using Yiddish.
He was assimilated into the Polish culture and he considered himself a
Polish poet.

I don't understand what does Ms. Zarrow mean by using the expression "a
secondary translator". I was asked by the Polish "Institut Mickiewicza" in
Krakow to translate the poemA0 for the purpose of preparing a special
issue of this poem in 23 languages. Meanwhile the poem in my translation
appeared in an ilustrated booklet (with my permission my copyright
is mentioned there) as a diploma-project of the School of Fine Arts in
Czestochowa, Poland, for the year 2005.

As far as I know, the late Benjamin Tene was the translator of the poem
into Hebrew. I am surprised why his name does not appear in this issue.

Yitzhak Luden